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The Authentic RagaMuffin

How do I know that I am buying a real RagaMuffin Cat or RagaMuffin Kitten?
You can find a list of fraudulent RagaMuffin Breeders on our Facebook Page. Contact us if you come across a Scamming Breeder.

Since the RagaMuffin Cat is so rare you will find RagaMuffin Breeders which are actually selling you a crossbred cat. (i.e. RagaMuffin/Ragdoll)  BEWARE to check with the RagaMuffin Breeder to ensure their kittens (or parents) are registered with the ACFA, CFA, or GCCF. 


If you find a breeder has RagaMuffin Kittens that are registered with TICA, they are NOT RagaMuffin Cats. The Authentic RagaMuffin. So be safe, ensure you are dealing with a RagaMuffin Cattery that is registered with the ACFA, CFA, or GCCF.  All our RagaMuffin Breeders are producing RagaMuffin Kittens which are registered with the ACFA, CFA, or GCCF as well as their catteries.  They are all ethical breeders and are dedicated to having the healthiest RagaMuffin Cats or RagaMuffin Kittens possible.

Read more about the History of the RagaMuffin to understand how the RagaMuffin breed began.  The RagaMuffin Cat is a 20-year-old breed and is well established with the Pedigree Registries.  When you are looking to purchase your first RagaMuffin or your fourth you would be missing out on the qualities and traits of the real thing!  Another way to ensure you are getting an Authentic RagaMuffin is to read the CFA Standard for the RagaMuffin.

You will see that a RagaMuffin has "walnut shaped" expressive eyes and a darling scooped face  You will notice a cute puff around the whisker pad and turned up mouth.  This gives the overall appearance of a very sweet cat.  If you are looking at a kitten with almond-shaped or round eyes they are not a RagaMuffin.

RagaMuffins are not cheap!  Prepare to spend over $1000 for a RagaMuffin Kitten.  If you are looking at a $300-$400 RagaMuffin kitten, it is NOT a RagaMuffin unless it is a ACFA/CFA/GCCF cattery's retiring Dam, Sire, or possible teenager. 


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