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Regular Breeder Questionnaire

(For Established Breeders Only)

NAME: _______________________________________    CATTERY: _______________________________

1.  RagaMuffin Related

  • How long have you been breeding?

  • What is your ultimate goal with the regard to breeding RagaMuffins?

2.  Experience

  • Please provide your references.  Do include your veterinarian and other breeders along with their phone and/or contact information:

  • Did you or do you work with other breeds of animals?  If yes, which ones and when?

  • Even though we are not requiring Cat Shows due to Covid we encourage our breeders to show their cats.  What is your opinion of showing cats and cat shows?

3.  Family and Home Environment 

  • Are you working?  Full or part-time?  How many hours per week?  Does your occupation require travel?

  • If you work, what plans do you have in place for the delivery of kittens?

  • Who takes care of your cats when you are traveling or have to be away from home?

  • Do you own or rent?  What are the ordinances for having animals at your address?  What does your contract say regarding pets?

  • How are your cats housed?   Please be as specific as possible with regard to housing for male cats and for females that are in heat and may spray during such times.

4.  Registry


     Cattery Name: __________________________________________________________________


     Cattery #:    (CFA) ________________   (ACFA) _______________ (GCCF) _________________ 

  • Are you currently or have you been a member in good standing in the ACFA, CFA or GCCF?

Check the Registries for which you are currently a member in good standing.

ACFA ________       CFA   _________  GCCF  ________   TICA  ______  OTHER _______________

5.  DNA Testing

  • Have your breeding cats been DNA tested for the Ragdoll mutation gene, HCM?

  • Do you have documentation of such testing?


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