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About RagaMuffin Cats and RagaMuffin Kittens

ragamuffin kitten

More amazing traits of 

The RagaMuffin Cat

Since RagaMuffin Kittens do not mature until they are the age of 4 you have a KITTEN for four years!  They love to play and especially if it is with their "human".  That's right, a RagaMuffin owns you; you don't own the RagaMuffin Cat.  However, you will find this is really the way you want it.  Extremely "lovable" cats that cuddle like "Teddy Bears".

RagaMuffin kittens have great personalities!  Laidback, friendly and sweet are just a few of what makes their personalities so special.  

They make friends easily and if your dog is willing they will want to be best friends.  It may take a while however, your RagaMuffin Kitten will keep trying to befriend most all dogs.


RagaMuffin Kittens are very smart and easily trained.  You can teach your RagaMuffin Cat to walk on a harness and travel with you or simply take walks with your cat!  

ragamuffin cat

The History of the

RagaMuffin Cat

ragamuffin cat

The Authentic


Read about the History of the RagaMuffin, a 20 year old Breed

How do you know you are getting a "real RagaMuffin?

The Difference between a RagaMuffin Cat and a Ragdoll Cat

There are many differences between the RagaMuffin Cat and the Ragdoll Cat.  First, is the overall look.  RagaMuffins come in an array of colors while a Ragdoll is a "pointed cat" with darker markings on their head, feet and tail.  

RagaMuffins have "walnut-shaped" eyes which give them the sweet expression that a Ragdoll does not have.  The Ragdoll's eye shape is closer to almonds.  Even though the Ragdoll is well known for going limp in your arms, RagaMuffins easily can too.

Ragdolls are very sweet, but not known as much for their human companionship as a RagaMuffin.  

Ragdolls have a flatter head than a RagaMuffin which has a scoop on their faces.  The RagaMuffin has distinct "whisker pads".  Both sport long hair around their necks.

Many adopters get confused about the difference between RagaMuffins and Ragdolls cats.  The fact that the names are so similar adds to the confusion.  There are also pet owners that have not heard of RagaMuffin cats.  The RagaMuffin cat breed grew out of the Ragdoll breed.  Read more on our History of the RagaMuffin.

Besides the difference in the number of colors available in the RagaMuffin breed, outcrosses were brought in to help to widen the genetic diversity of the breed.  Initially, the domestic long hair and the Persian were used (in addition to Ragdolls).  The use of Persian gave the RagaMuffin a very distinctive look from that of the Ragdoll.  Where the Ragdoll has oval eyes, the RagaMuffin has walnut-shaped eyes.  This can be attributed to the Persian and domestic longhair.  The RagaMuffin also has a quite different profile than the Ragdoll.  The nose of the RagaMuffin has a scoop, shaped like an ice cream scoop.


The nose of the Ragdoll is sloped.  The Ragdoll has a longer and narrower muzzle than the RagaMuffin who has a wider muzzle and lots of puffy whisker pads. Additionally, the RagaMuffin has a which is slightly domed where the Ragdoll has a flatter forehead.  The two breeds share common ancestry, the RagaMuffin breeders made significant changes using outcrosses, resulting in a very different look from the Ragdoll.  The walnut-shaped eyes, the scoop, the puffiness of the whisker pad give a sweet look to the RagaMuffin.


The temperaments of both the Ragdoll and RagaMuffin are remarkably similar.  Both being “floppy”, affectionate, laid back and lovable cats.

ragamuffin cat

RagaMuffin Cat

ragamuffin cat

RagaMuffin Cat


Ragdoll Cat

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