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Apprentice Breeder Questionnaire

(New Breeders)

Name: _________________________________________

1. Muffin Related

  • How did you first hear about the RagaMuffin Cat? (RagaMuffin owners, web search, other breeders)

  • Why do you want to breed? - and why RagaMuffins?

  • What is your ultimate goal regarding breeding RagaMuffin kittens?

  • By what aspect/trait of this breed do you feel especially attracted?

  • Are you currently in contact with Breeders regarding the purchase of one or more breeding cats?  If yes, with whom?

  • Have you ever had or do you currently have a cat as a pet?

  • Do you currently have any other types of animals?

2.  Experience

  • What are your references?  (Vet, Breeders...)  Could you give us the name and address of people willing to give you a reference?  Please do include your vet and other breeders.

  • Did or do you work with other breeds or animals?  If yes, since when and which one(s)?

  • What is your opinion regarding showing cats and cat shows?

3.  Family

  • Is your family supportive regarding your plan to become a Breeder?

  • Do you or anyone else in your household suffer from allergies?



  • Do you have children?  If yes, what age(s)?


  • Are you working?  Full-time or part-time?

  • Is someone home most of the time?

  • Who will take care of your cats when you are traveling or have to be away from home?

  • In case you are living in a rented apartment or house - what does your contract say regarding pets?

  • Have you checked all legal requirements for breeding (municipal and state law, permits needed etc.) and are you able to abide by them?

5.  Finances

  • Please consider now your personal financial situation.  Does it allow for all the expected - and even more so -sometimes unexpected expenses one has to face as a breeder?

  • Are you aware of the costs involved with breeding and raising healthy, well-cared-for kittens?

  • Please do a little calculation - when do you expect to break even?

  • Would you consider it important to break even - or less important - and why?


Membership Application

Apprentice Questionnaire

Mentor/Apprentice Code of Ethics

RKB Code of Ethics


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