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About Our RagaMuffin Breeders

Laura Gregory

Ragtime Cats RagaMuffins

Lutz, Florida

22 years breeding RagaMuffins


My name is Laura Gregory.  Ragtime Cats RagaMuffins is a small cattery located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  I was a cat lover as far back as I can remember, but I began my love affair with showing cats as a pre-teenager.  Our family rescued a pregnant domestic longhair who gave birth to three kittens.  We found one a home, and kept the other two.


I read every cat magazine I could find and discovered they contained listings of upcoming cat shows.  Whenever there was a show in our state, I would contact the entry clerk and obtain a show flyer.  My wonderful mother finally agreed that we could take our three beautiful longhair HHP's to a show just two hours away - and I was hooked.  To this day, whenever my mom says anything to me about cat shows, I remind her that it is really all "her fault" for taking me to those early shows. Of course, she enjoyed it also and became just as defensive when she thought our beautiful girl should have placed higher.


Eventually, things like high school, college, and our HHP's getting up in age took me away from showing, but once out of school I again adopted a darling domestic shorthair.  I quickly recalled all the fun I had at a cat show growing up so once again I began showing.  There was a small local cat association called UFO (United Feline Organization) that accepted a breed called the RagaMuffin.  I was fascinated with the breed.


I was introduced to Janet Klarmann of Encore Cats RagaMuffins, and fell in love with my first show boy, Encore Cats Stradivari, a blue lynx point male.  Ragtime Cats was officially founded in 1999, with Encore Cats Stradivari as our first RagaMuffin and stud.  Very soon Stradivari was followed by RAG Maria of Ragtime Cats (seal point & white) and Encore Cats Allegra of Ragtime Cats (Arden's great grandma).  While the RagaMuffins were accepted in Championship in UFO, they were still working to gain full status in ACFA, and were not yet being considered in CFA.  I quickly joined the team working for the advancement of RagaMuffins.


I assisted Janet Klarmann at the presentation to ACFA for our acceptance.  I then took our standards to AACE and CFF, gaining our acceptance.  A few years later, I led the process that led to CFA’s initial acceptance and then advancement to full championship.  I have served as our Breed Chair and then Breed Council Secretary in CFA since our acceptance in 2003.


I am highly involved in showing, and have had a very successful show career.  In ACFA, I have 13 Top 20 National Wins, 57 Top 20 Regional Wins, 3 Legacy of Achievement Cats and 2 Legacy of Excellence cats.  We also have 47 Grand Champions in ACFA.  We then had to move to CFA, as it is too difficult to try to support multiple associations at this level, and in leading the acceptance movement, I needed to be dedicated.  Since our acceptance, I have 23 CFA grands, 19 of those of my own breeding.  I also have 9 Regional wins and 4 National Breed Winners (BW), along with several second and third national breed placements.  We are extremely proud of our female/spay GPD, RW Ragtime Cats Dazzling Autumn, who was the very first RagaMuffin to become a “Grand” in CFA and also earn the coveted Grand of Distinction title, being the second cat of ALL breeds to earn this title!!


We have served CFA as a Licensed Ring Clerk and Master Clerk, Ambassador, Mentor, and now we are in the Judging Program.  We recently became a LH Apprentice and have begun judging Longhair rings.  This has been a dream and goal that has taken over a decade of work, study and dedication. 


It is hard to believe it has now been 22 years since I met my first RagaMuffin and fell in love with this breed.  It’s also amazing to me that I am now the longest continuous breeder of RagaMuffins that is still breeding!  Once you have one of these precious babies, you too will know our amazing breed.


To read more about "Arden Forest" go to: 


Tammy Ogle, President

RagaMuffin Cat World

Louisville, Tennessee

16 years breeding RagaMuffins

The first time I laid eyes on a RagaMuffin, I was hooked!  I have been breeding for 16 years and am loving every day.  For those that know me, know that I spend a great deal of time getting to know my adopters.  And I have been so fortunate to maintain relationships with my adopters.  It gives me great joy to know that my "babies" are in great homes and loved every day. I'm lucky to have amazing adopters!

If you are lucky enough to own a RagaMuffin you truly know how amazing they are.  So sweet, loving and cuddling.  I believe every individual and families should own a RagaMuffin!

When I am not breeding, I like to paint.  I do acrylic pour painting-Abstract and it is such a great get a way.  I also make jewelry which I have done for over 10 years.  I sell my paintings and jewelry on the Marketplace on Facebook.  I also feel that it is important to maintain my health, so I walk 3 miles a day; rain or shine!  It helps me keep up with my RagaMuffins.

I like to stay busy so I also enjoy going to concerts of Fairview Union where my brother, Neal is the bass quitarist and singer.  They are a Country Rock band and they are awesome.  Of course, I have a "kitty sitter" here when I am gone thankfully by Sue who helps me with the Cattery.

I love to go to CFA Cat Shows.  It is such a learning experience and of course, it's very nice to win!  Meeting new breeders and seeing all the different breeds provides me with new insites of ways to do things.  My show cats have been Houston, Ashan and Harley will be the next to go to the Tampa show.  Houston won second overall in the longhair division, Ashan won his Championship title at the show in Kentucky.  Overall it is the best way to understand the quality of your cats.   

I considers myself fortunate to be the President of the RKUG/RKB and help promote the fabulous RagaMuffin and our ACFA/CFA authentic breeders.  My door is always open to suggestions and comments in order to improve our efforts every day.



Terri Myers

Country Muffins


11 years breeding RagaMuffins

Meyers Photo.jpg

Hello from Country Muffins RagaMuffin Cattery! My name is Terri Myers and here’s a quick peek into my world.

During the first part of our 36 years of marriage we lived in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida before finally settling down in Indiana. We are now empty nesters and have called Indiana home for over 20 years. We live in a rural area, about an hour south of Indianapolis, where we love tending our large garden, taking walks down the country lane, and trying our hand at different homesteading ventures.

Years ago, some dear friends gave our son a RagaMuffin kitten named Sneakers. It wasn’t long until the whole family fell in love with him. Years later the same friends mentioned that perhaps we would enjoy breeding. They helped us get started in what has turned out to be one of the most rewarding adventures.

It’s nine years later and we are still loving every moment we get to spend with the kittens. There are so many joyous milestones between the birth and the successful transition of each kitten into their new homes. Some of our favorites are waiting for their little peepers to open, seeing their first unsteady steps, and watching their individual personalities develop. But without a doubt the most magical time happens right around the 8-week-old mark. That’s the age when most litters are completely potty trained and get to have the run of the house. They do what we call the mad dash and it’s better than watching TV.  It usually starts off with a kitten galloping across the living room to tackle a sibling before sprinting away to wrestle with another kitten and then scurrying up the cat tree only to land on top of mom and begin the whole game again. We love the romping and playful antics so much and we also love the peaceful purr of kittens snuggling next to us. We love it all!  And we can’t imagine our home without our fur-babies.

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